Welcome to our first Blog

    Welcome to our first blog on our new and improved website. We hope that your user experience will be a smooth one and our quality products will satisfy your taste buds.

    There are so many things we want to talk about but where to start? We figured the best place to start would be to talk about what we are passionate about and as you can guess, that is good quality meat.

    But let’s take a step back, if you are South African or if you have met a South African you will know that we are passionate about many things…our beautiful country, family, friends, sport, Rugby, Cricket and Soccer, great food and Braaing, for the non-South African that’s a BBQ.

    In SA, we mix all the above together. During our Summer months it’s normal to have a braai every weekend where we will get together for what we call a ‘kuier’ which roughly translated means ‘get together’ for a braai, a few drinks and to watch the game, whatever that might be on TV.

    One thing that brings all South Africans together is our love of braaiing, it doesn’t matter the culture or what language we speak, of which there are 11 official languages, if you’re South African, you love to braai. And that means having great meat cooked to perfection on an open flame while enjoying good company.

    Good food knows no boundaries though and brings people together, no matter your background or where you’re from. Think about special memories and good times you’ve had in the past, guaranteed most of those memories would be when you are sharing a meal with someone special or with a bunch of people, the kitchen isn’t called the heart of the home for nothing.

    So, for that reason, we decided to bring a bit of South Africa to Singapore and share some of our unique foods with you, foods like wors, biltong and droewors, these are certainly a taste of Africa. We quickly discovered though that there was a craving for good quality meats at affordable prices and hence, the ‘Lekker Company’ was born.

    We aim to follow our passion and deliver on our promise of providing the best meats, whether you BBQ a Cowboy steak or roast a chicken leg, we have no doubt you will be happy with your choice.

    We hope you enjoy our new easy to use website and check out process. Keep a look out for our recipes page where we will over time, be adding on loads of tasty new recipes for your enjoyment, as well as blogs on loads of different topics, obviously about food though.

    Going forward we hope to interact with you all, so let’s get a ‘Lekker’ community going.


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