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Mindful Food Co.

has partnered with Riyana Rupani, a certified nutritionist, from “Healthy-ish and Happy” to create nutritious and delicious Weekly Meal Plans for your family.

Riyana is a Mom of three  boys, and a lover of all things FOOD!

Before her career in Nutrition, Riyana worked in corporate America/Asia for over 12 years. She understands the pressure of corporate life and family life and is focused on each person’s individual story and bio-individuality. Her goal is to help others make lasting health changes through real food and lifestyle.

Riyana found her passion for Holistic Nutrition after suffering from autoimmune and other health issues. When doctors couldn’t help, she started to research ways to heal and eventually found the power of food and  lifestyle. Riyana was able to turn her health around by nourishing from the inside out and is passionate to help others do the same.

If you want to find out more about Riyana visit or on Instagram @healthyishandhappy

How it works:

The meal plans developed by Riyana are designed to help your family eat well, live well, and feel well.  There are five dinner evening meal recipes in each meal plan, covering Meatless Monday to Fun Friday. Each recipe also has a “Mindful Tip”, be sure to check them out.

The recipes are simple to prepare, quick to cook and with one click you can add your meat for the week to your online Mindful Food Co. shopping basket.
Each recipe is nutritious and delicious and makes enough for a family of four or leftovers can be used for lunch the next day.

We provide a downloadable shopping list for all the other products in the recipes. Click, chop, cook and enjoy!

Meal Planner - Meals That Nourish


  • Monday – Vegetarian Chilli con carne
  • Tuesday – Pan Roasted Chicken & sausage
  • Wednesday – Beef Skewers with chimichurri
  • Thursday – grilled salmon with avocado
  • Friday – Burgers with special sauce & sweet potato fries
Nourishing Meat Basket ($161) contains all the meat you need for the weeks recipes:
  • 1 pack lean beef mince meat
  • 2 packs whole chicken legs
  • 1 pack pork sausage
  • 2 packs beef skewers
  • 4 pieces of salmon 
  • 2 packs burger patties

Meal Planner - Healthy Meals

weekley meals


  • Monday – Cauliflower pizza
  • Tuesday – Stir-fry beef & broccoli
  • Wednesday – Chicken breast stuffed with creamy spinach
  • Thursday – Dukkah Salmon
  • Friday – Quinoa penne with Sausage & veggies
Healthy Meal Basket ($124) contains all the meat you will need for the weeks recipes:
  • 2  packs of beef strips
  • 2  packs of chicken breasts
  • 4  pieces of salmon 
  • 2  packs pork sausage


Mindful Food Co.

Mindful Food Co. is expanding into Micro Green Veggies, grown via urban vertical farming right here in Singapore.

The freshest veggies delivered to your home on the day of harvest

  • 100% non-GMO and organic
  • Locally grown, minimizing our carbon footprint
  • Maximizing nutrition (Micro Greens depending in the type are 4 – 40 times more nutritious than regular size veggies
Please note the kitchen is closed while we revamp and orders will not be processed until further notice.

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