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"Racing for Rhinos" Day

The First Mindful Food Co. Gathering

Produce & Tasting

Mindful Food Co. Community

Lush Platters

Thanks to Wyona Leach from Lush Platters for the amazing platters


Thanks to Reenen Barry from Distell for arranging another taste and thirst quencher from home


Thanks to Luke Campbell for Cooking the meat to perfection on the day



Mindful Food Co.

Mindful Food Co. is expanding into Micro Green Veggies, grown via urban vertical farming right here in Singapore.

The freshest veggies delivered to your home on the day of harvest

  • 100% non-GMO and organic
  • Locally grown, minimizing our carbon footprint
  • Maximizing nutrition (Micro Greens depending in the type are 4 – 40 times more nutritious than regular size veggies
Please note the kitchen is closed while we revamp and orders will not be processed until further notice.

Buy for $100.00 more and get free shipping