So what is Mindful Food Co. all about?

Mindful Food Co. is a family run business, we provide high quality meat delivered to your home.

At Mindful Food Co.  we can’t claim to solve all the world’s problems, yet with our packaging we trying to be mindful and reduce the packaging wherever possible.

Our popular grass-fed mincemeat packaging has already been reduced by 50%, that’s just the start!

Did you know:

  • 80% of ocean pollution comes from Asia?
  • 820 million plastic bags were used in Singapore Grocery shopping in 2018?

We are mindful in many other ways making you feel good about the meat you buy from us:

Our new outer carrier bags are:
  • Made entirely from vegetable roots
  • ZERO Micro-plastics particles
  • Dissolves in the sea and rivers
  • Non-toxic to animals and plants

We are mindful that you want to know who you are buying your meat from, that’s why we will always stay as a family run business, so you can simply pick up the phone to us:  +65 9831 9490

We are mindful of how important it is to feed your family high quality fresh food.  Our beef and lamb is fresh from Australia and New Zealand, only Grass Fed, Non GMO, and given pure natural water to drink. Our chickens are also all free of antibiotics and hormones.   

All our chicken products are sold fresh and are free of antibiotics and hormones. Singapore Food Agency (SFA) allows fresh Chicken from one country, Malaysia to enter Singapore. We partner with Meng Kee Poultry farm where the chickens are fed natural food without growth hormones.

At our partner, Meng Fee Poutry farm, the chicken’s droppings are  made into organic fertilizers, one of the ways the farm is trying to be more eco-friendly.

We care about the greater community and are mindful of homeless dogs, all of our meat offcuts which we don’t sell, gets cooked up each week and used by “Hope Dog Rescue” this means we have zero food waste in our Mindful kitchen.

At Mindful Food Co. we also understand that your time is precious, so we won’t make you wait around for shipments of meat to arrive to Singapore, we deliver each week direct to your home.

We are mindful of our collective responsibility to reduce packaging. Our philosophy is that the world doesn’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly we need millions of people doing it  imperfectly.

Join us on our journey of being more mindful.